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Bunion Surgery Alternatives

There Are Bunion Surgery Alternatives.

Just as with any type of surgery, other alternatives should be researched before actually having the surgery. It should always be considered a last resort. This also applies to bunion surgery. There are bunion surgery alternatives that should be considered before deciding that the surgery is actually needed.There are three levels of bunions, I, II or III. For those who are diagnosed as a level I or II, surgery probably isn't even necessary. A level III diagnosis may be the only exception to this. So, those who are level I and II should consider bunion surgery alternatives before agreeing to their podiatrist's solution of surgery.

Going to a massage therapist is one of the bunion surgery alternatives. He can give you a deep-tissue massage of the foot. This massage will actually speed up healing by increasing circulation and breaking apart the built-up calcifications around the toe joints. After having the massage performed, the foot will feel better for 5 or 6 days. When the pain does return, a mini massager can be purchased and used at home. Not only is it one of the bunion surgery alternatives, it can be used on many other parts of the body that endure pain.Other products that can be used as bunion surgery alternatives include a bunion splint, gel toe separators and bunion pads.

The gel toe separators and bunion pads can simply be bought at the local drug store.There are also foot exercises that can be done as bunion surgery alternatives. These should be done every day to increase circulation and flexibility.A lot of people don't like to visit a chriopractor, however, they can also be one of the bunion surgery alternatives. He is trained to know how to work all of the bones of the foot. This should be done several times a week for one month. With all of these bunion surgery alternatives, there should be no need for surgery unless the bunion is a level III.

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